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Hello and welcome to The Digital Zen Podcast.

I'm your host, Helen Roe.


The digital landscape is changing the way we love, live, parent and teach.

On this podcast I'll be talking with experts and thought leaders around the globe, sharing insights and advice to help you live calmer and happier with tech and the young teens in your life. 


Now, Get Ready for some Zen.


Aug 18, 2018

Kim McCabe is the founder and director of Rites for Girls which, since 2011, has offered Girls Journeying Together groups, support for mothers and training for women wanting to support girls. Described by Steve Biddulph as 'the creator of an extraordinary social advance', Kim's robust remarkable work gives girls the support they need to see them through their teens.

After studying psychology at Cambridge University, Kim worked as a counsellor to teenagers. She has also trained and worked as an assertiveness trainer, a business management consultant and a shamanic dance teacher.

Kim contributed to Ten Things Girls Need Most by best selling author Steve Biddulph before writing her own book From Daughter to Woman, parenting girls safely through their teens. For more information please visit Rites for Girls.


Here's just some of what we cover in this episode:

  • The 4 stages a mother can support her daughter through to help her know herself and hold onto her dreams for her future
  • Creating a culture of acceptance where teens can be themselves and don't feel they have to 'fit in'
  • How a daughter date will help you develop a unique bond and healthy relationship with your daughter 
  • Tools for your teen to build self-awareness and handle stress 
  • Why teaching our teens how to self regulate can empower and protect them 
  • Modelling behaviours and why it's better to show rather than say what we believe 
  • Plus so much more!