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Hello and welcome to The Digital Zen Podcast.

I'm your host, Helen Roe.


The digital landscape is changing the way we love, live, parent and teach.

On this podcast I'll be talking with experts and thought leaders around the globe, sharing insights and advice to help you live calmer and happier with tech and the young teens in your life. 


Now, Get Ready for some Zen.


Jul 30, 2018

Christine Wheeler is an expert EFT practitioner and has worked with thousands of people to help them alleviate physical, emotional and spiritual challenges and live with hope and joy.

She has also taught parents, school and counselors to put this unique self-help tool into the hands of the people who are caregivers for youth.

A Hay House author, Christine's book The Tapping Solution for Teenage Girls is the essential tool for teen girls to help them Stop Freaking Out and Keep Being Awesome.

Here's just some of what we cover in this episode:

  • What EFT tapping is and why it can help alleviate teen stress and anxiety
  • Why teens don’t know how to manage their stress and what they do instead
  • How we can help our youth better manage their increasing stress levels and build their own toolbox
  • What a stress backpack is and why we need to empty it regularly
  • An alternative option to screen time for hyperconnected teens 
  • How to let go of deep-rooted fears

You can learn more about Christine and get her book The Tapping Solution for Teenage Girls on her website.