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Hello and welcome to The Digital Zen Podcast.

I'm your host, Helen Roe.


The digital landscape is changing the way we love, live, parent and teach.

On this podcast I'll be talking with experts and thought leaders around the globe, sharing insights and advice to help you live calmer and happier with tech and the young teens in your life. 


Now, Get Ready for some Zen.


Jun 29, 2018

Susan McLean is Australia's foremost expert in the area of cyber safety and young people.

Widely regarded as Australia’s first cyber cop, she was a member of Victorian police for 27 years and took her first reported case of cyber bullying, amongst Year 8 girls, in 1994!

Her best selling book Sexts, Texts and Selfies...

Jun 23, 2018

Commonly known as the ‘Queen of Common Sense’, Maggie Dent has become one of Australia's favourite parenting authors and educators, with a particular interest in adolescence and resilience. 


Maggie’s experience includes teaching, counselling and working in youth suicide prevention. The author of 10 books, she is...

Jun 8, 2018


Rachel Downie is an educator and social entrepreneur who has worked in public and private school settings for over 20 years.

She now workshops with students, teachers and parents in school communities in Australia, to tackle issues of bullying and harm, eSafety, cyber wellness and personal safety.

She educates...