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Hello and welcome to The Digital Zen Podcast.

I'm your host, Helen Roe.


The digital landscape is changing the way we love, live, parent and teach.

On this podcast I'll be talking with experts and thought leaders around the globe, sharing insights and advice to help you live calmer and happier with tech and the young teens in your life. 


Now, Get Ready for some Zen.


Aug 30, 2018

Dr Kristy Goodwin is one of Australia’s leading digital wellness and digital parenting educators and the author of Raising Your Child in a Digital World.

Kristy is regularly called upon by the media to translate the latest research about kids, teens and screens into practical
and relevant information for worried...

Aug 18, 2018

Kim McCabe is the founder and director of Rites for Girls which, since 2011, has offered Girls Journeying Together groups, support for mothers and training for women wanting to support girls. Described by Steve Biddulph as 'the creator of an extraordinary social advance', Kim's robust remarkable work gives girls the...

Jul 30, 2018

Christine Wheeler is an expert EFT practitioner and has worked with thousands of people to help them alleviate physical, emotional and spiritual challenges and live with hope and joy.

She has also taught parents, school and counselors to put this unique self-help tool into the hands of the people who are caregivers for...

Jul 21, 2018

Zack Bryers has been a homeless teenager, a soldier in Afghanistan, a gridiron player for Australia, a Churchill Fellow, and now a youth worker.

After leaving home at 15, Zack spent time on the streets, before he set a goal to join the army which turned his life around. He spent tours of duty in Afghanistan before...

Jul 8, 2018

Jordan Foster is formally recognised as one of Australia’s foremost cyber safety experts, providing online safety education to over one hundred thousand students, families and school staff Australia wide.

Jordan is a Clinical Psychologist Registrar and the founder of ySafe, a now nationally-adopted household name in...